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Layer 3 Technologies

Dynamic User Design

Building and branding a business properly is a challenge few succeed at. From the initial foundation and design to debut and production, there are a multitude of components at play. Thus, when a company finally builds and releases its website…read more

Rochester Presbyterian Home Logo

Effective Logo Design

A company logo is far more than a decorative showcase or symbol for a business. With sincere thought and a creative drive, a logo in itself can embody the values and marketing messages for a business more effectively than a…read more

JML Optical website homepage on a laptop.

Achieving Greater Online Optics Through Visualization

For companies that focus on intricate, specialized products or services, it can be quite a dilemma bringing them to the fore without getting bogged down by technical jargon. This was one of the many challenges that Sukhenko Design solved when…read more

Visualizing & Designing a New Amusement Park Ride

About the Time Machine Modern technology meets retro-futuristic design with this amazing new thrill ride. Riders climb aboard and experience the powerful pendulum motion of a 20-passenger gondola, as the hands of time take them full circle and lift up…read more

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