Achieving Greater Online Optics Through Visualization

For companies that focus on intricate, specialized products or services, it can be quite a dilemma bringing them to the fore without getting bogged down by technical jargon. This was one of the many challenges that Sukhenko Design solved when we partnered with JML Optical to create a new, dynamic website and user experience for the Rochester-based company.


JML Optical website homepage on a laptop.


A leader in optical solutions and rapid design, JML Optical specializes in the crafting of custom optical assemblies, components, and systems. Their wide range of made-to-order offerings and prototyping can be daunting for the average layman to comprehend, with technical specifications resembling something out of a Star Trek engineering room.

To authentically exhibit the impressive quality of their work, a renovation was necessary to make it more approachable and easy-to-understand. With this greater spotlight on accessibility, Sukhenko Design pushed JML’s products to the forefront by condensing the technical data to serve as a more communicable, effective sales tool.



One key to dramatically capturing the complexity of their output was through the application of visual media. To achieve high quality images of JML’s lenses and various optical instruments, Sukhenko Design brought in photographer Caleb Parker whose versatility and expertise was a godsend for rendering dazzling shots of JML’s shiny, reflective products.

Akin to JML’s custom, state-of-the-art philosophy, Sukhenko Design fashioned a responsive WordPress website to elegantly display Parker’s photographs and showcase the company’s innovative products on first impression via dynamic sliders and banners. To further maintain industry relevance, a news and event section was added. Displayed in a contemporary card format, these continuous updates help promote return visitation, preserve fresh appeal, and boost organic search engine optimization (SEO).  


JML Optical optimized for mobile responsiveness.


It is through this lens that Sukhenko Design endeavored to promote JML’s marketing message of quality and integrity in a clear cut, arresting manner — producing, appropriately, the best online optics for the company.

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