Inviting Ambiance

A dynamic design with information easily available for users combined with a rich color scheme reflects the warm and inviting interior of this pub and grill located in Maryland.

Easy Information Access

Thanks to its 100% mobile responsiveness, Frisco users can clearly see what beers and specials are available on any device.

Easy to Use Menus

A responsive food menu that includes category buttons right on page provides a modern and user-friendly solution, not to mention it saving users time by eliminating the bothersome extra step of downloading a PDF file of a restaurant menu.

Easily Updated Beer Galleries

With over 100+ beers on tap and different draft beers and specials changing constantly, Frisco is empowered with an impressive beer database in the back-end of WordPress that they can edit easily whenever updates are needed.

Events Calendar

A calendar promotes weekly events including beer specials and musical performances and can be dynamically pulled in and featured on the Home page and in a sidebar across the website.

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